Real Web 2.0 web sites, real fast!

At Computer Magic and Software Design, we build Web 2.0 web sites for our clients. Less development time means less cost, met deadlines, and happier customers. The CMTK is our set of libraries and tools to accelerate PHP development. Quit re-inventing the wheel!

Our toolkit excels at:

  • Dealing with basic plumbing like themes and authentication
  • Installing ready made products quickly that integrate with the core system
  • Letting you code PHP normally!

Use your old code!

We looked at other frameworks and tool kits over the years. They all require major changes to the way you code. Converting your old code is not a trivial task when you are switching to full MVC or event driven framework.

With the CMTK, many existing PHP scripts will continue to function as is, or can be integrated into the system with very minor changes. All you need to do is include a file at the top of your page. For existing sites, you can even use auto include methods.

Events, Themes, Etc...

Yes, we do support events. But they are optional. Yes, we do support themes, but they are easy to setup and optional. Yes, we do support Authentication and Authorization, but again, they are easy to setup and optional. Use ours or setup your own!

We have many features supported by other frameworks, but we don't force them on you. You DO NOT have to create spacial classes to use events, you DO NOT have to use multiple MVC files. We intentionally keep it simple to use and learn so that you can spend your time coding your business logic, not fighting with a framework.

No Vendor Lockin!

At one point we looked at a tool that would auto generate forms for us from the database. Although this product was well thought out and had some great features, this tool REQUIRED you to use their complete framework. No converting existing sites. Coding under their system felt like learning a whole new language. Although this is farily normal when using a "framework", what really got us was that the IDE/System required a recurring yearly charge or your code stopped working or displayed advertising for the tool on your website!

With the CMTK, the library is open source, so it doesn't quit working if you quit paying. In fact, you don't have to pay anything at all to use the library. See the next section for information on our Tools and Products.

Why are there three parts?

The CMTK (Computer Magic Tool Kit) is a set of tools and libraries that allow you to create web sites at lightning speed. Each component (Library, Tool kit, Products) address the various needs of a developer.
  • CMTK Library - A Free Open Source set of classes and functions to help developers to write new tools faster and integrate with other tools easily. The library is open source and free, download and start using it today!
  • CMTK Tool Kit - These are tools to help you manage your content and develop new tools quickly and easily. These tools are time savers! If you are developing your own sites, start here! These tools require a subscription to use. The code you publish using these tools do not! That means published code continues to work!
  • CMTK Products - These fully functional products allow you to drop in existing web 2.0 features into your site in minutes! These products use the same library and will pick up your current theme and authentication settings making integration as easy as clicking a button. Products are purchased on an individual bases when you install them and most don't require a recurring fee.

Library Features

The library is an open source library that allows you to develop your own pages and components that easily integrate together. The base library offers the following features:
  • Template/Theme System
  • User Authentication
  • Page Authorization (Role or User based)
  • Meta Data
  • Tags
  • Form Rendering and Processing
  • Event System
  • Component Creation

Tool Kit Features

The tool kit includes all the tools to manage and generate your own components.
  • Form Generator
  • Meta Data Editor
  • Site Publishing
  • Library and Product Update Tool
  • Tag Editor
  • User and Role Manager


There are many CMTK products that you can publish to your current site to add Web 2.0 functionality to it in minutes. A current list of products include:
  • CMS - Content Management System
  • Photo Gallery
  • Shared Calendars (multiple calendars to choose from)
  • Java Script Form Validation
  • Captcha Form Validation
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